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Why choose Vietnam Manpower?

Why choose Vietnam Manpower?

Highly-qualified workers

– LMK Vietnam., JSC has specialized in providing quality labor in all areas. We always set strict criteria in the labor selection process to meet employer’s requirement. Thanks to this, many have trusted and satisfied with the service quality of Vietnam Manpower – LMK Vietnam., JSC. Each year, Vietnam Manpower – LMK Vietnam., JSC has supplied thousands of Vietnam workers with long experience and high skill to the Europe, Asia, and Middle East.  In the past few years, our partners are well- known companies such as Gormet srl, MG Tec Group, Almaral Company, Terqua S.R.L, Sinopec Corp, QD-SBG Construction, Damam Shipyard, Nedec Company, Nesma& Partner Company, Belleli Energy S.R.L, and so on.

Quick procedure

Vietnam Manpower – LMK Vietnam., JSC can provide workers in the shortest time as required by employers because the process of document is fast, simple and accurate. The employers don’t have to waste much time to wait.

Modern equipments

Vietnam Manpower – LMK Vietnam., JSC has gained the trust of these companies because we have our own well- equipped and professional lectures in vocational schools, colleges, s, modern offices and a wide network of operation in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Vinh and Ho Chi Minh City as well as associated offices in all the major provinces of Vietnam. 


Vietnam Manpower - Your Partner for Success!


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