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Hospitality Manpower

Hospitality Manpower

Vietnam Manpower is well-known manpower supplier in hospitality industry. Our hospitality recruitment services include the recruitment of potential staffs for various key support and management positions. We are offering you the best hospitality manpower services from Vietnam. In addition, Vietnam is a famous travel and tourism country, so we realize exactly the different types of hospitality industry jobs. With the own qualification, we are able to supply specific workers upon clients’ recruitment requirements. Different kinds of manpower are available as following:
  • Hotel & Resort Staff
  • Restaurant & Bar Staff
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    Hotel & Resort Staffs

    Hotel & resort are large areas in hospitality industry that require diversity in employees. Vietnam Manpower supplies manpower for following positions:
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    Restaurant & Bar staffs

    Restaurant & bar are importance factors in hospitality industry. Where requires the high dynamic and creativity in staffs. Vietnam Manpower supplies both skilled and un-skilled candidates with...
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