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Construction manpower

Construction Manpower

Along with strong domestic consumption, the construction industry plays an important role in maintaining Vietnam's economic growth on the plunging foreign investment. The construction industry has much growth thanks to the big demand for infrastructure and housing development. Vietnamese construction workers are inherited some long-lasting cultural values from the colonial times. Therefore, Vietnam workers always have highly-skills and experiences.Our labor resources are very variable, skilled, high-qualified and dedicated characteristics Construction manpower is one of vital job sectors that  Vietnam Manpower  is focusing. Being equipped with highly- professional levels, along with hard-working, diligent and inquisitive spirits, Vietnamese constructor always meets the strictest requirements of employers. Through meticulous and careful selection process, Vietnam Manpower seems to be dominant in supplying human resources in this labor segment. We always have the best criteria, guarantee policy for our labors quality.
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    Management Staffs

    Vietnam Manpower is one of leading construction recruitment agencies from Vietnam specializes in supplying high-qualified construction manpower at management level. This is also the most important...
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    General Workers

    Along with construction management manpower, general construction worker is also vital manpower in our total manpower services in particular and in construction industry in general. These workers...
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    Heavy Equipment Operators

    In any projects of the construction field, it is undeniable that heavy equipment plays an important role in every stage of the construction project.
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