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Recruiting successfully over 60 construction workers, excavator operators, and foremen to Fransi Company – a construction company in ROMANIA

Early morning December 11th 2018, Representatives of Fransi Company have come to Vietnam to directly interview and recruit Vietnamese workers who are hardworking and diligent. Over 60 candidates have registered for the trade test inspected and given the result by employers in Hanoi. They are delighted with the skill test result and are highly appreciated the level of the professional services that Vietnam Manpower has provided.
All candidates were gathered at 7 a.m to welcome Romania’s representatives. At the beginning, they gave a brief introduction about the company, the products and benefits for employees in Romania. Next, they started to test skills respectively.  

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  The test was divided into 5 parts: Part 1: Interviewing foreman Part 2: Tiller’s skill test Part 3|: Shuttering Carpenter’s skill test Part 4: Steel Fixer’s skill test Part 5: Excavator operator. For part 1, the employers tested the foreman position about ability to communicate in English and how to observe the work and to manage the team.  

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In part 2, despite the rainy and chilling weather, the representatives in Romania and the officers of still worked very hard to select high-skilled tillers. After each section, the employers evaluated the final test and gave the good comments for workers.


mua vé số vietlott onlineLiên kết đăng nhậpmua vé số vietlott onlineLiên kết đăng nhậpTiller testing 

For part 3 selection, the test continued with shuttering carpenters. Candidates for this group are qualified and practiced skill how to use the tools in their job. All workers of Vietnam Manpower always have great attitude and team work experience to create high qualified products.


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Shuttering carpenter testing    The fourth part of the recruitment campaign is for testing steel fixer. This test was carried out 2 rounds, each round had 3 groups, a group of 3 steel fixers joined the test at the same time in 20 minutes. Their working efforts were finally paid off, the employees gave amazing results, and all of them were selected in this part by the representatives.  

mua vé số vietlott onlineLiên kết đăng nhậpmua vé số vietlott onlineLiên kết đăng nhậpSteel fixer testing

The final test is excavator operator choosing. With the modern equipments, the officers of Vietnam Manpower have accomplished their tasks in this contest. All chosen employees went through many thorough tests supervised directly by two employers, assuring that their working ability meet Romanian labor requirements.


mua vé số vietlott onlineLiên kết đăng nhậpExcavator operator testing


mua vé số vietlott onlineLiên kết đăng nhậpmua vé số vietlott onlineLiên kết đăng nhập

As the leading manpower agency in Vietnam, we would like to say Thank You for the trust and appreciation of Romania’s representatives in this cooperation. We are very happy to know that the employers are satisfied with the quality and skill of worker supplied by us. We appreciate the chance to work with Vietnam Manpower agency and look forward to future cooperation.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Lana Phung Hotline: (+84) 949 594 116 Email:  

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