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Deployment schedule

Deployment schedule

Deployment Schedule of

Vietnamese worker Deployment Schedule, upon getting Demand letter & other documents from Partner

No. Description Period
1 Collection workers 01 week
  Screen workers & interview by Vnmanpower 01 week
2 Official Interview/Trade test by Partner in Vietnam Approx: 2-4 days
3 Health Examination Approx: 3-5 days
4 Passport process in Vietnam Approx: 21 days
5 Criminal Record Approx: 21 days
6 English Training, Orientation Education Approx: 30 days
7 Employment Visa's application in working country Approx: 3-5 days
8 Workers departs Approx: 5 - 7 days

You can see it in more detail with the schedule here   View Detailed Deployment Schedule

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